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Web Host Reviews

Steadfast Review - Nadabrahma

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Steadfast is a hosting company using H-Sphere control panel, which is why Nadabrahma signed up with them. Things were going well for Nada until he tried putting on a wordpress blog with a custom theme. He inquired with the host as to why the blog was not loading properly and did not receive an answer, as wordpress was not something the support wanted to cover.

then put a Wordpress blog on that account (installed it myself using the latest WP version). I noticed it loaded a bit slower than the static sites but didn’t feel it was much to worry about.

However, yesterday morning when I tried opening that blog in my browser, it wouldn’t load at all! And the other static sites loaded normally.

I contacted their support and explained to them that the blog had gone down from one day to the next, and that I had made NO changes to the code in the meantime.

Nada eventually found out it was his theme that was causing the problems and I think the host shouldn’t be to blame for that. Nada installed something that was broken on his hosting account and expected the web host to fix it for him. However, this is a good thing to note, that Steadfast does not provide newbie level support, so if you are extremely new to the web you may want to go with a different host. However, intermediate to advanced users should be fine with this kind of support.

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Amy-T’s 2-year DowntownHost Review

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First, it’s nice to see someone with nearly 2,000 posts on WebHostingTalk come out an review a webhost. Often most of the reviews are done by someone making their first post because it’s a fake or they were so happy/pissed off that they made a brand new account just to post their review.

Nevertheless, Amy-T has had a pleasant experience with DowntownHost, especially when it comes to customer service. All of her problems have been fixed, some took as little as 3 minutes while other more extensive problems up to 2 days. Every time though Amy-T felt that the tech was trying very hard to resolve the issue.

I opened an account with them back in 2006/06/28.
I have not had to talk to support that much except for a few of my clients that also had hosting with them.

Each time I talk to them they are very friendly and try their very best to solve the problem.
I forgot the date but some time back I think it was in April or May not real sure one of my clients was having an issue with downtown and I spent about 2 days with downtown tech support in fixing her issues. Even though she was not happy about how long it was taking or that she was having issues. I think how hard the tech staff worked on the issue with me was very professional and maybe even above and beyond to try and get things working.

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amagab’s 1and1 Sucking Less Review

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This may seem like a biased post, but 1and1 has been around for a while and they have never had a good reputation from people in the business. They were commonly known as a company that expanded too fast and didn’t do enough for its current customers. However, it seems as though 1and1 web hosting has been making a bit of a turn for the better recently, as many people who for one reason or another have been with them have been reporting good things!

amagab, a customers of 1and1, has noticed that the customer support has improved significantly. Almost as if they were somehow a real person answering his question! Although this is only a positive review of one of many important parts of a host, at least it’s a step in the right direction for 1&1.

1and1 has always getting a lot of fudge here on WHT and a lot of times they deserve it. In the past their support has totally sucked. However, I have noticed lately that their support is actually improving A LOT!! I’ve been getting responses within a few hours and that is really good considering it would take days before. Also, in the past their responses were just generic and non-helpful but lately they have actually provided personal help and attention and fixed all the issues I’ve had. I know this should be expected from a registrar/webhost but I have to say I’m quite impressed. They are after all a really budget company.

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BitSurFer’s Softlayer Review - Dedicated Server

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Although BitSurFer doesn’t speak English as his native language, the message he’s trying to send out comes out loud and clear. He has 110 dedicated servers with SoftLayer and is pleased with the service he’s received. When it comes to support, he enjoys how fast the response time is, but also mentions that while most of the time support is free, sometimes there is a $3 charge. (EDIT: Apparently the $3 charge is for support as SoftLayer’s servers are unmanaged and the $3 charge is per trouble ticket, which seems like a pretty good deal to me.)

Does anyone have more information about this charge?

Sales:even if kept typing for years i will not find a word to describe them
i get discount in orders i can not even believe it my self.
some times i call them to give a friend discount and they do it .

Support: can you find a support charge you only 3$
and most of the time for free
i call them and they answer even before i put my headset .

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Powweb Increasing Price for Existing Customers?

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It looks as though Powweb is increasing the monthly fee for its long time customers from its traditional $7.77/mo to $8.77. People who have been with Powweb are slightly miffed as new customers to Powweb only pay $7.77 while old customers are now paying extra. Sounds to me like Powweb is slightly confused about what it’s doing, or maybe they’ve decided to take a hint from the telecom industry and charge an introductory price to new customers and them ream them if they decided to stay on board.

Hopefully people will let know Powweb what they’re doing is wrong and get this fixed.

Powweb’s regular monthly charge is $7.77… Long term customers have been paying this for years, and it’s still the price listed on their main page. It’s even the price new customers will pay…

However, existing customer for some reason now have to pay the undocumented price of $8.77 a month.

Way to treat your existing customers! Charging them more for no reason other than they’ve been loyal!

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maniakaz’s DowntownHost Review

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maniakaz has a blog styled review of DowntownHost with near monthly updates. maniakaz is running a Joomla powered website, which comes with its own headaches if you are not very familiar with how to set it up and common problems that arise. However, when problems came about maniakaz just shot an email over to support and the problems were fixed in a timely manner (less than a day).

Overall maniakaz has had a positive and realistic experience with DowntownHost.

Next month (almost…) of experience with them.
First impression: site functions slower when compared to what is was at TCH.
1. Some problems with my Joomla. At December 29 my Joomla crashed. I contacted support (2007 12 29. 07:58). Soon I was answered something was corrupt and needs to be deleted. The question was if I ok that. Some hours later (7, if I do recall it good)

View the full thread - Warning, English is not maniakaz’s first language, so please ignore some of the grammar errors.


Gwytherinn’s IPower Review

Gywtherin with IPOWER for 6+ years hosting a small personal site. Recently though, they added a guild website. This wasn’t a problem in itself, but the webhosting was migrating to a new platform and it was difficult to get the guild’s website up and running under the new platform. The support was less than helpful to Gwytherinn and they decided to move on to a new host.

This stuff happens with all hosts, believe me. I have experience with too many to count. Always keep a backup and be ready for these problems that are inevitable. Very few hosts are superb and it’s the rare times like these when most hosts are bound to lose a few customers, especially when upgrading from PHP, MySQL and other core programs to their latest versions that tend to cause compatibility problems with old code.

I’ve been hosting a personal site with ipower for about 6 years and most of the time it’s been fine in terms of pricing and service for what I’ve needed. About a year ago I started a gaming guild site that is also hosted with them which experienced many unexplained outages. (All I can think is a bandwidth problem, even though it displayed garbled statistics that it was both exceeding and hardly using any.)

They migrated the gaming guild’s site to the new platform they’re making everyone go to (vDeck 3) with no problems, but it is horrendously slow and tedious to work with. How this could have been considered better is beyond me.

I found my personal site to be down a few days ago and emailed customer service about the problem when it did not clear up after a few hours. I was looking for information on whether it was a problem on my end or theirs and got back this gem - “you need to check the errors with your Web site by your own. If you do not wish to do so you can signup for a new account.”


calidude’s iMountain Review

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calidude has been with iMountain for quite some time. It appears as though iMountain is a “green” host, in that it is powered by the sun! Apparently they have solar panels blanketing the roof and walls of the building and since they’re located in Southern California, there’s no lack of sunlight to provide juice. They don’t say how much of their power is provided by solar, but I really doubt it could be entirely on solar, as servers and air conditioning units are very power hungry.

…Back to the web hosting, he’s pleased with their service and only experienced one major outtage in a year.

I forgot to write a 10 month review so here is my (almost) 11 month review.

GOOD: Support continues to be as fast as ever. I received a reply to one of my tickets the other day in under a minute. Must be a record. Also, the servers continue to fly along at lightning speed, as does their internet connection.

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papayogas Lunarpages Experience

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papayogas has hit a bit of a rough spot with their hosting at Lunarpages. I see these types of problems often and they usually revolve around someone trying to communicate with a web host on non-preferred methods like direct email. papayogas sent an email to Lunarpages and didn’t get any support.

Sure it would be nice if web hosts had direct email support, but these days nearly everyone has a ticket system that helps to keep track of questions and get them answered in a timely method, that email is being phased out. Although email is on the way out, calling on the phone is always the ideal method when all other avenues fail.

I was host with one day I got a mail from them that my account has been deleted. Sent them mail for the reason why my account was deleted because I need my account I register for two year and they have host me about one year, up to date I haven’t got any explanation from them and they have stop responding to my mail I have 5 domain with which need it badly could any one help me to get my domain from them. Right now I have register with deferent hosting company

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DeadBeet’s cPanelReseller Review

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Everyone knows that the first week with your host is going to be the busiest communications you’ll ever have with your host. There’s setup to do, customizations your sites need, and getting to know the different features that your host offers. If a host is slow at communicating with you during this first week, it can be a major pain in the ass.

DeadBeet has been with cPanelReseller for 7 days and so far so good. The support has been instantaneous, as well as well thought out. Overall he’s very impressed and we’re looking forward to a more in-depth review in the coming months.

They offer the same kind of features with cPanel as any other host, but I have been told that we will get a site builder soon! They do offer Domain Reseller accounts, which I was very thankful for!

Overall, cPanel Reseller has been extremely great to me, and I do not think that it’s just me! I am extremely pleased with my overall experience with cPanel Reseller throughout this past week, it’s been a better ride than any other host I could find at this price. I would seriously recommend them to anyone!

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