Web Host Glossary

ANNUAL - An annual pay schedule is where you pay 12 months upfront in exchange for an excellent deal and usually they will waive all setup fees.
ASP - Microsoft's legacy scripting language that has since been replaced by ASP.NET.
ASP.NET - Microsoft's latest server side scripting language that is used to create web applications like shopping carts, forums, and blogs.
AWSTATS - A web analytics program that allows you to see information about your website
BACKUP - Some hosts will offer an offsite backup service. This means that at certain specified times everything from your website will be downloaded and put onto a separate computer just in case something goes wrong. However, you should not rely on your host to back up your data and should regularly backup your site.
BANDWIDTH - This is the measurement of how much data is downloaded from your site. Each person that comes to your site and download a page is using up bandwidth. Sites with a lot of media, like pictures and movies, tend to use up bandwidth much faster than sites that are mostly text.
CGI - The Common Gateway Interface is an interface that allows web developers to take information gathered from a website and run it on external applications on the server.
COLDFUSION - A server side scripting language and platform similar to PHP and ASP.NET.
CONTROL PANEL - The control panel is the central control station for your website. Here you can setup email accounts, view your website statistics, setup databases, and other website related tasks.
CPANEL - A popular type of control panel that the majority of web hosts currently use.

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New to web hosting and need some questions anwered? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section and for those web hosting terms that you don't understand see our Glossary.

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