Web Host Glossary

CRON JOB - A cron job is a way of scheduling routine things like processing web logs to gather visitor information or send out a monthly newsletter.
DATABASE - Used for storing all types of information from customer contact info to your visitors comments. A database is most often used in conjunction with a scripting language (PHP or ASP.NET) to create web applications.
DEDICATED HOSTING - A whole computer dedicated to just one person. If you purchase dedicated hosting then you can be assured that no one is going to be using up all your disk, bandwidth, and computer resources.
DEDICATED IP - An dedicated IP address is often requrid for people who need to run SSL for their ecommerce website.
DISK - Refers to the amount of storage for web pages, pictures, movies, and other files that you have. A typical photograph is 100KB or 0.1MB or 0.0001GB.
DOMAIN - The name of your website, which is also what people type into their web browser to reach your site. The domain for this site is
EMAIL ADDRESS - When you purchase web hosting you can create custom email addresses that include your domain. If you bought the domain then you could create email addresses that end in
FANTASTICO - A handy one click script installing program. Fantastico allows you to install forums, blogs, and other scripts quickly.
FRONTPAGE - Microsoft's website designing program. Web hosts that support frontpage extensions will allow those who create web pages in Frontpage to use its dynamic effects on their webpage.
HELP DESK - A support system that operations through a web page. Most often you will be able to browse an F.A.Q. and see the status of your current trouble tickets and those you filed in the past.

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New to web hosting and need some questions anwered? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section and for those web hosting terms that you don't understand see our Glossary.

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