Web Host Glossary

RAID - A type of hard drive configuration that either increases performance, reliability or both. Raid 1 is the most common and basically takes two hard drives that will watch eachother
RUBY ON RAILS - An open source web application framework that was written in Ruby.
SEMI-DEDICATED HOSTING - Usually means that only a certain number of customers are allowed be server. This is viewed as an upgrade over a shared hosting environment, which may have many more customers per server.
SHARED HOSTING - The bread and butter of new webmasters. Plans can be as low as $5 a month to get a piece of space on a web server that is shared with other customers.
SITE BUILDER - An application for people with little web developing experience to help them create their first web pages.
SSH - Secure SHell is a way of communicating with your webserver over a secure connection for extra protection.
SSL - Secure Sockets Layer is a way for private data to be encrypted between the visitor and the website. This is most often used by ecommerce sites that need to process credit cards and sensitive information.
STORAGE - The amount of hard drive space you are allotted at the web host. Synonymous with disk.
TRANSFER - The data that is downloaded from your website to the visitor. Synonymous with bandwidth.
UNIX - An open source operating system like Linux.

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