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SorinK84's Review - Rated: 5/5 - From: Jan. 20th, 2009

I'm with from 4-August-2008 and I'm very satisfied with there services.
I see that they don't oversell because I see there up-time and speed of there server.
Is the second company that impress me enough to make a small donation 2 GBP, thanking for the quality of there service (the first one that impressed me positive was
They are based in UK.
I have a shared account with them “Medium Package” because I have more than 10 domain names.
They respond prompt to my tickets, I do not remember ever to wait more than 1 hour for a ticket response in day time, in general I get response under 20 minutes for medium priority tickets.
I also tested there ethics, a positive review with both parts agreed review for a better price of package, and they ignored my unethical proposition, so I give them a 10(A+) for ethic behavior.
They did negotiate the price because I use very little resources, and I thank them for that.

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