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evelindev's Review - Rated: 5/5 - From: Jan. 20th, 2009

I have been hosted with umbrahosting for almost two months and I think they really deserve a good review now. Being cheap doesn't mean awful service all the time. Umbrahosting is comparatively cheap but they provide some really good customer service since the very first day you start with them. While registering, I forgot to add a domain with my plan. After activating my account, I placed a ticket to the support system and they have registered the domain for me. I had subscribed for the bronze plan (which is 2.99 USD per month and using 20% off coupon, it came to almost 24 USD per year) -

Immediately after activating the account, I had placed some request to move to me to a MySQL5 enabled server, install svn for me so that I can checkout using SSH and I was very surprised that Umbrahosting support stuffs did it in max 6 hours.

I really think that such customer services are very good as these satisfied customers will bring many other customer for a hosting company. I have tried pr...

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GloryImSaved's Review - Rated: 5/5 - From: Jan. 20th, 2009

All i can say is, I'm very happy with Umbra Hosting. ./end review


I began as a UH customer in early June of 2008, by purchasing a shared hosting plan. Due to providing a mirror for another site, I required SSH access. In less then an hour I was given access and I was able to set up my mirror. I have since then changed plans and rarely, if ever, have I experienced any down time. To the best of my knowledge, the only 3 times in which I experienced down time were during personal DNS changes, IP changes, or 1 server change. In all cases, I was warned in advance.

Customer service has always been quick and friendly, even when I've been slow and less then friendly. Whether it's Sunday afternoon or 3AM in the morning, if I have a question or issue, it's answered within the hour. Rarely have I ever had to wait more then an hour.

Having tried many other companies for shared hosting, colocation, or VPS', I am very pleased with Umbra Hosting. I would certainly prefer investing ...

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