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Remember when the internet bubble burst in 2000? PowWeb didn't think much of it. Founded in 1999, PowWeb has seen it all and is one of the grandfathers of the web hosting industry. Focusing on improving quality, reliability, and performance of their hosting platform for nearly a decade, PowWeb isn't letting up and looks ready to take on another decade in the web hosting industry.


PowWeb offers 1 hosting plan with more than enough resources for 99% of webmasters. By using K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) PowWeb has removed a lot of common problems that other hosts experience by offering tens of different plans. With 1 plan they can focus on providing support to the user and not worrying about custom plans on their servers.


Because the worst possible thing a webmaster can experience is downtime, PowWeb has implemented a load-balance solution for their customers. Load-balancing is a premium technology that uses many servers rather than 1 to host customers' websites. This means if one server fails then the visitor is brought to the other web servers that are still functioning normally, so that the website visitor is unaware of any server maintenance issues. If you are serious about keeping your website online, load balancing is not something you want to be without.

Fantastico Suite

Fantastico is software that PowWeb has paid extra for to allow its clients to have easier access to the webs most popular web applications. Often when you want to install something like a forum you must first search for a the program you want, then find its homepage, then download the scripts, then create a database and set permissions, then customize the script to run on your host, then upload the script via FTP, then ... and on and on.

However, with Fantastico you can 1-click install the latest scripts like Wiki, Joomla, phpBB2, and many more. If you don't recognize those programs yet, don't worry, as you get more experience as a webmaster you will and you'll be thankful that PowWeb has spent the extra money up front to provide you with the user-friendly Fantastico suite.


As you can tell if you've ever visited PowWeb's website, they have a 24/7 phone support hotline that is displayed prominently at the front of every page. In addition to round the clock phone support they also have live chat rooms and email support for those who would rather get their help in writing (and sometimes this is a good idea, as you might want to have the help written down in case you have the same issue in the future).

PowWeb goes above and beyond just providing reactive support and lists tons of issues that have occurred in the past in their support knowledge base. You're not the only one that had a problem getting their FTP client to change file permissions!

User Reviews of PowWeb

RGStrat13's Review - From: www.webhostingtalk.com Mar. 22nd, 2008

I have been trying to not say bad things about Powweb, but I feel I no longer can't.

URL: powweb.com

Powweb was ok at the beginning, but lately they have just been crap. They have been down several times in the past month. Also, they are extremely slow because their servers are overloaded. But probably my biggest complaint is that it literally will sometimes take 30 minutes to get a hold of someone from support. Unfortunately I still have nearly a year with them so I just have to suffer it. Hope this helps.

nooffal's Review - From: www.webhostingtalk.com Oct. 19th, 2007

Good Day,

I have had several accounts with Powweb for 5 years now and I thought I would write a brief review of them:


I originally went with Powweb 5 years ago based off of a referral from a friend. At the time, the “shared hosting environment” isn’t quite what it is today. For the first several years, I experienced trouble free hosting (for the most part) and truly felt as though I was “getting what I paid for.”

Powweb, back then, was a privately owned company based out of California ( I believe) and I usually got the impression that most of their employees truly cared about their customers and the quality of service they provided. What made them semi-unique at the time, was that they offered only a “one plan solution” (they didn’t offer multiple plan types) and the simplicity of their business model worked well for most.

Powweb was also unique in that they offered communi...

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Fed83's Review - From: www.webhostingtalk.com Dec. 14th, 2005

I have been with powweb.com for 8 months

I choosed them because I needed a lot of space and a lot of bandwidth, and at that time, they were those that offered the most in both of them, they also had positive reviews here and there so I decided to go with them.

The setup was smooth and don't remember any major problems regarding it. It took more or less 24 hours from when I payed via credit card to when I was fully set up.

In the first 1-2 months I experienced a couple of downtimes (say a couple of hours each) that they said were due to DDOS, by the way I decided not tol eave them.

Their support chat (accessible also via IRC) is a nice place where also some experienced customers try to help the others when no powweb emploee is available (yes, they say 24 hours support but it happens that someimes none of them in in the chatroom...) these customers' satisfaction also convinced me to remain with them. It's...

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lazee's Review - From: www.webhostingtalk.com Jul. 15th, 2003

Yes i realize there's a huge post about them but this one is an uptodate review and iv'e been with them for a couple of months.

Currently they can't handle emails. Lost emails, emails cant be sent out. Their mail01 server is the main cause from what they say.

Their support consists of 2 statements. It's down, please hold. It's up. Now by the time they make these announcements, we are all aware that it's obviously up or down.

Problem has been consistently happening for atleast 2 weeks.
Maybe it's their way to combat spam by making emails in general unreliable.

Before this their SQL server kept crashing. this was a couple of months ago.

Sql/site outage is okay relatively speaking... you know, uptime is a pain in the ass. But emails are personal correspondances and when you lose my letters that's unacceptable.

Good job powweb! i closed my account and left...

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