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Lunarpages owns and operates two massive data centers based in California and Nevada. Founded in 2000, Lunarpages is a premium hosting provider, with no outsourced technicians. This high level of quality support and state of the art hardware make Lunarpages one of the industry leaders. Find out what more than 100,000 Lunarpages already know.


Even though Lunarpages is a large company their primary focus is to ensure that people feel apart of the Lunarpages family. With extensive one-on-one support available via phone and email, Lunarpages welcomes you into their family with over 100 trained support staff.

In addition to the one-on-one support, Lunarpages maintains a public forum where you can help, get helped by, or just hang out with other Lunarpage customers. This level of transparency is rare in a web host, but Lunarpages has nothing to hide and they want you to know that.


Sometimes things go wrong and Lunarpages has been in business long enough to know that it's better to be safe than sorry. This is why Lunarpages has massive onsite generators that are activated immediately if a power outage is detected. They also keep a huge amount of hardware on hand in case anything on one of their many servers fails. This makes recovery quick and painless, which is a service that many smaller hosting companies simply can't provide.

User Reviews of Lunarpages

niitpro's Review - From: Jan. 4th, 2009

The speed seem good because all my sites still under development .

The support is poor because I send ticket to cancel hosting and get money back and they did not process the ticket .

The Cpanel version is very old and I lost some new features of cpanel .

Now the cpanel does not have button to change password . I unable to change my password now .

6/10 for lunarpages .

NeoRevan's Review - From: Jul. 11th, 2007

For the past year, I have had a hosting account with Lunarpages on the Celaneo server, and this thread will be used to picture my experiences with them.

We run a vBulletin forum that has a very small amount of users (rarely if ever more than 5 online at a time, guests/spiders included).

It was a Windows plan because we needed MS-SQL query possibilities.Site Stability:
Almost non-existant. Randomly, the page doesn't even load - just displays a blank page. Up to 5 refreshes needed to make it load. Loading times were always 25+ seconds.FTP:
If you download large files (1MB+) as a part of a batch transfer, the batch transfer will stop after that file due to the FTP service not giving the proper info back to the client. Their support and FAQ information regarding this issue solved nothing.
Same problem with uploading. In addition, uploading and overwriting files will always give "Transfer failed." message, but the f...

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StarSoheil's Review - From: Jun. 5th, 2007

i buy a basic plan for a year on the 4/28/2007. a week later they call me that they can't support my i respond that i cancel the service and transfer my site to another server.

after two weeks of my request they cancel the service without refunding my money while they said 30-day money back guarantee Included. now is a week after canceling the service but unfortunately they don't refund my money still! meanwhile the billing dep support is very very bad

so somepeople that want to buy from they,plz wait.when they refund my money i notify in this topic.

ihatelunarpages's Review - From: Nov. 23rd, 2006

Lunarpages Has Stabed Be In the Heart. I stayed with them even as I read countless bad reports on them.

I have been with them for over 1 year and paid extra for their services when I could have had accounts on Host Gator, a dedicated or a VPS like my other domains.

As an idiot, I kept some of my most important sites on lunarpages.

Guess what they did to repay me:

They suspend my account (deleted FTP, Cpanel everything...) sending me an email with no prior notice.

Ie my sites are all giving 404s - they are all gone. Reason was some "weird scripts" that were vbulletin related. I can understand their need for security but why not delete the files or ask me to delete them?

Instead they deleted my whole ACCOUNT....

I am really really ticked off. I have asked for remote backups. None work. I cant even move my files they havent even given me access to my files. Nor did they give me prior notice so tha...

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Dhira's Review - From: Jul. 24th, 2006

They will rip you off.

I purchased a years hosting from them - their reseller account - come to find out that their reseller accout only allows ONE domain name...unless you email them to add a "few" domains. Whoever heard of a one domain reseller?

Well i cancelled - 2 tickets....NO RESPONSE!
So I called and finally got a hold of someone who calcelled, but....they stiffed me for $15.00.

See I paid $95.00 for their 1 year hosting plan which included a FREE domain, so I chose a free domain.

When i cancelled I was told they would refund everthing but the domain I checked my refund and was only refunded $80.00. Meaning my domain cost $15.00???? They said it was through and would not refund it, but my
lunarpages invoice CLEARLY states that the domain cost was $0.00 and the hosting cost was $95.00......Yet they refused to refund my entire amount.

Stay far far a...

Read the Full Review's Review - From: Jul. 8th, 2006

I've used a LOT of companies over the past 10 years, and LunarPages is one of the few that I stick with. I've been with them for a couple of years and have 2 accounts on different servers.

The prices are good, but the best thing about them is the reliability - I never even need to think about the sites there, because they're always working and nothing ever goes wrong. I find it especially surprising because I believe they keep a lot of accounts on each server - but I never have any problems. With other more expensive 'premium' companies I've always had more problems, but with LunarPages I don't pay much and get great service.

The very few times I've needed support (eg. for info on setting up special requirements) they've always been quick and helpful.

In Summary : A good, cheap, reliable host.

FIREF0X's Review - From: Jul. 2nd, 2006


1. 400 GB bandwidth is just a joke. They can't even give you even 10% of that bandwidth. Don't expect even 4 GB.
2. Customer support is very slow. They don't give importance to serious issues.
3. Lunarpages will order you to buy dedicated server if you use their bandwidth too much.
4. Lunarpages will suspend your account without any warning.
5. They can't even host vbulletin.
6. I asked them to open my account so I can transfer my website to other hosting company but they didn't.
7. Last but not least: Lunarpages staff member deleted images from my account. Because I was using 1 Gb of space. About 2000+ images deleted. This is great loss for me.

I suggest you to keep away from this host.

I posted on some other forums also, just to let everyone know.

Browzer's Review - From: Jun. 10th, 2006

I just wanted to post a quick writeup about my positive experience with LunarPages so far.

My site is in my sig. I've been with LunarPages for about 2 months now. Signing up was quite easy and I was able to FTP into my site almost immediately. I don't think I ever talked to a human; they called me to verify, but I wasn't available so I sent an email and everything was fine. This was all on a Sunday afternoon.

Performance has been good. One of the best resources at LunarPages is the LunarForums website. I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what is going on, and serious downtime is explained.

They use CPanel, which I like.

I like that they give you one add-on domain. I wish they could give you a few more, like 3 or so.

Overall, I've had a good experience with LunarPages so far.

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