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Phil McKerracher's Review - From: Feb. 22nd, 2009

I've had a shared "Solarcluster 5 Lifetime" account with iMountain for a year, hosting low-traffic "community" sites, including shops, a blog, forums, CMSs, mailing lists and photo galleries. Here are my impressions so far. I've concentrated on things that are different from previous hosts I've used (mainly cheap cPanel shared hosting).

Pros: Very good support, fast servers, solar powered
Cons: Mediocre reliability, price, file permission issues, no forum

Pre-sales and pricing
I found iMountain here on WHT after searching for a host with a good reputation for support and reliability. I was initially impressed by the consistent fast loading of their demo Gallery site, and by their solar powered and "clustered" hosting. However, their prices (for 10 domains) were above my budget and they had problems connecting to Europe (see, which put m...

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DJSlim's Review - From: Feb. 6th, 2009

Just wanted to drop a quick review on my current host since I have been so pleased with them and tonight they really went above the call of duty.

First a little background. Been with iMountain since November 2007 on Shared, Luxury and now Dedicated. I run custom DNS with a rollover solution so if my dedicated server with iMountain goes down, my blog will show a splash page that is hosted on another server.

Tonight for some reason the DNS thought my site was down and it rolled over to the backup server. iMountain staff happened to drop by my blog and noticed I was loading the rollover server and fired me off an email to tell me that something was amiss with my DNS since my server with them was in fact up.

How often would a host email you with a problem? Unless it is to suspend you, not very often I would think.

I give the guys at iMountain 2 thumbs up for going above and beyond the call of duty each and everyday. They...

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calidude's Review - From: Jan. 30th, 2009

I never, ever thought that I would ever have to write an 18 month review of a webhost ... but here I am. That is because, quite simply; I have never stayed with a web hosting company before for over a year, until now.

Technically my 18 month anniversary is February 5th; but since I have been quite busy with other projects; I thought I would use the bit of free time that I do have right now to post the review. So here it is.

- - - - - -

THE GOOD: iMountain is still there (obviously). Their servers remain fast; and so does the network. There was the network outage in late October 2008; and the router failure a couple a week or two ago; but other than that things have been rock solid *knock on wood*. I am lucky to be on a fast server where people rarely; if ever; bog it down.

Also, Brandon and his crew continue to keep up a mostly top notch level of support. They have been a bit slower than in the past to r...

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Siropel's Review - From: Sep. 25th, 2008

I have an account with iMountain since August 2007 and have nothing but good things to say about them.
First, when I signed up I used one of their coupons that were available back then and signed up for solarcluster3.
I also had time to test their VPS for a few months but got back to solarcluster, didn't had too much time to manage the VPS.

Uptime: in one year I had about 3 outages, two small ones and the bigger one that some of you know about when their MySQL cluster crashed (I got compensated for this). We all know downtime is inevitable and I'm very happy on how they managed the issue. Looking forward to another year with this kind of uptime. Over 99.9+ overall.

Support: they are very fast to reply and fix issues, take backups of your account or do some custom php settings / installs. I really feel they are holding my hand here.

I'm currently using 2.3GB of space and in some (good) months I use over ...

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dead captain's Review - From: Aug. 3rd, 2008

cant believe its almost been a year already, but like sand through the hour glass so goes the days of our lives. anyway, my almost year with imountain has been one of pure bliss. everyone on the imountain team needs to be commended cause they have consistently been there when i needed them and have truly bent over backwards to answer any remedial question i may pose or fulfill any request without hesitation. their support team is phenomenal and have truly gone above and beyond the call of duty and it has been truly appreciated.

uptime has been excellent. there has been only a few hours of downtime and most of that has been scheduled. even though they had to shut me down last week, but i truly couldnt be mad at them cause they did everything they could to rectify the issue. i run a music blog and some spider/bot was trying to download everything in my directories at one time which of course brought/slowed down the server i am on. i could tell that they hated takin...

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calidude's Review - From: Jul. 2nd, 2008

I forgot to write a 10 month review so here is my (almost) 11 month review.

GOOD: Support continues to be as fast as ever. I received a reply to one of my tickets the other day in under a minute. Must be a record. Also, the servers continue to fly along at lightning speed, as does their internet connection.

BAD: Only downtime since my last review occurred when their mySQL cluster server borked on June 1st and crashed. Other than that, mostly everything has been doing pretty good.

RECOMMENDATION: Solar power rules. Support is fast, efficient, and friendly. The servers are mostly reliable; but the hSphere panel can be a bit cumbersome for newcomers. Overall, I give iMountain a 9.9 / 10, or an A+ rating.

Next month I will write a better review as on August 5th will be my 1 year anniversary with them (a first with any host with me! )

Site for review: http://www.owsweather....

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DJSlim's Review - From: Jun. 16th, 2008

I have been with for 8 months now and I wanted to give a quick followup on my progress with them.

Personally I can't say anything bad about these guys. They are truly a top notch operation on all levels. I started my busy American Idol blog out on a shared account and moved on to their managed luxury cluster in February and all I can say is wow. They propelled my blog through the entire season of Idol with little in the way of issues. Because of there service, help and expertise I was able to sustain 700 concurrent connections when David Cook was crowned the winner of season 7.

Uptime - there have been a couple of issues over the months, both of the big ones were discussed here but all outages were handled with great professionalism. Timely emails with updates were sent out and the problems were fixed with little downtime. The latest mysql outage didn't affect me since I have a dedicated mysql server. I did have a fairly serious DDoS att...

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statman24's Review - From: Apr. 20th, 2008

I used to be a regular reader here a WHT... but have been a bit busy lately. Back then, I was looking for a new hosting provider because the one I had at the time ( let me down.

I have now been with for about 1 year now and I cannot say enough about them. Support is superb, service is great, and downtime has been minimal.

I highly recommend them!

hunger's Review - From: Apr. 10th, 2008

Hey All,

Feel free to move this post to another place, I couldn't find a place to put webhost reviews. Been running around and am just now getting to my review of them... Its been about 9 months since I got my account at and they've been great. I'm always updated on any scheduled downtimes, and even unexpected downtimes (crashes/hardware failure etc.). There has been only one occasion where my site went down during the middle of the day, some user foolishly created a poor SQL statement and it dropped the server. This was fixed within 2 hours and we were back online.

My site only has ~50 users so its low load, other than that one time everyone is happy with it.'s support staff have been more than excellent, they've answered all my questions quickly and with detail. The only downside (for me) is that since I'm not on a VPS I don't have any shell access but its understandable for secu...

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calidude's Review - From: Apr. 6th, 2008

Didn't write a review last month cause I didn't feel the need to, but I will this month.

Main reason being because I am going on vacation from June 1st to the 5th, and my payments are due on the 5th day of the month. So I call iMountain and Brandon picked up. He was happy to inform me that it would not be a problem if I paid a day or two late so that I could get back from my vacation and get settled first without having to go "omgz I need to feed iMountain!!!"

Also, I have had absolutely zero downtime in the past 2 months since the mySQL server cluster RAID fault. Now that I said that, they will have downtime. (Joking) Thank god I backup nightly. Anyway, the databases are MUCH faster now since they upgraded the cluster, no complaints there.

The support staff continue to be very helpful (as always), especially the night crew. Don't usually email / call during the day unless it's to talk to Brandon. Must be...

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flash8pro's Review - From: Mar. 24th, 2008

When I had the arduous task of finding a new host, the WHT forum was an indispensable resource of information, guides, and reviews. As thank you for the great host, Iron Mountain, WHT has pointed me to, I now offer my 6 months of experience with Iron Mountain to this community.

I also would like to state for the record that I have been a paying customer of Iron Mountain for the past 6 months, am not affiliated with them in any way (other than the fact I am a customer), and have not been solicited or compensated in any form to write this review.

I hope this will be of use to people who are in a similar predicament to where I was 6+ months ago.

Hello everyone at WHT! In August of ’07 I was looking for a quality web host in order to build a new website. I primarily use (X)HTML/CSS, PHP/MYSQL, and Flash/Flash Video in the sites I build, so my requirements in ...

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calidude's Review - From: Feb. 29th, 2008

I just wanted to post a short follow-up to my 6 month review.

Since the mySQL cluster crash at the beginning of February, things have been rock solid. No downtime since then, not on either the mySQL server or the web server that I am on (which is web20 by the way). The outstanding support continues. Then again, why wouldn't it? And as always, Brandon at the front desk is very helpful whenever I call to annoy *cough* talk to *cough* him.

calidude's Review - From: Feb. 7th, 2008

I am writing this just over one day late, but yesterday was my 6 month anniversary hosting at, so let's give a quick run down of the changes and updates since my last review (need to get some sleep, I've been up for 28 hours as of the time of this post):


1. Their servers continue to fly along.
2. The mySQL move finally happened, things on that end are much better now.
3. I got some free site publicity from them on my site that I help my friend run. (Go to and click on Blog at the top to see our website review that they did on us)
4. I think their support staff are the nicest team I have ever worked with. Even if they don't give out their real names. (Sorry, had to jab that in there)


1. One mySQL server crash.
2. They deleted my account and lost the backup. Just joking.

THE U...

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calidude's Review - From: Jan. 15th, 2008

I would have posted this on 1/6, but 1) I was sick and 2) it was the 5th anniversary of my dad's death, so I didn't feel like doing too much online that day .


It has now (as of today) been 5 1/3 months since I joined up with Since my last review of them, things have only gotten better. Their services continue to improve, their support is still outstanding, and there was only one unscheduled downtime during the period (a UPS failure that blacked out the network for a short while). Other than that; everything has been up 100%.

They will soon be upgrading their mySQL cluster servers to 3.0 GHz machines from 2.2 GHz. In addition, their older web cluster servers (of which my account is on one of them) will be upgraded to octal core servers. I highly am looking forward to both of these changes.

During the past few months, the support and sales guys at have ...

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DJSlim's Review - From: Dec. 17th, 2007

I have been with a couple of hosts over the past couple of years with my American Idol Blog and I have been suspended a lot over the past couple of years for abusing server resources on a shared hosting account.

Last year I moved my blog to a dedicated server which still wasn't able to handle the load of my blog (performance and results night of American Idol would draw 300+ concurrent connections) and I canceled my dedicated server and moved to mosso. I was happy with mosso in the fact that they could support my 300+ concurrent connections but needed something a little more stable. Mosso always seems to have one problem or another. (I admit I still get their service updates in my email and they appear to have gotten better in the past few months)

The new season of american Idol is right around the corner so in late october I started shopping the net to find a cost effective hosting solution that would fit my needs. (mosso was still a possibility if ever...

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CarSafety's Review - From: Aug. 3rd, 2007

I recently changed providers after a short search, including input from this thread .

I opted to go with a semi-dedicated package from Iron Mountain ( ). I was mostly impressed with their clustered solution and dedicated mySQL servers to host our increasingly busy Vbulletin forums. They also answered email inquires very quickly; another good sign, given the few comments I could find about them at WHT. While I was intrigued about the solar-powered claim, I knew that many in our community would appreciate that aspect as well.

Ultimately, I wasn't quite convinced our forum issues were mainly related to CPU/memory resource use. So, I narrowed my search to providers that also claimed to have a good setup for SQL. These included Cartika Hosting and MediaLayer, among others (Thank you to all who responded with input and offers!). At that point, it came down...

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