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Since opening their business in 1999, thousands of HostRocket's customers have voted for this company with their dollars. HostRocket's supreme support response times and availability have undoubtedly added to HostRocket's customer retention. Not only do they provide shared hosting, but they also offer dedicated servers for those companies who are lucky enough to grow beyond the bounds of shared hosting, eliminating a major hassle of transferring between web host providers when a company experiences rapid growth.


As we mentioned above, HostRocket has very speedy response times. In addition to a great support staff offering 24/7 phone, email, and online support, HostRocket has an extremely helpful F.A.Q. system that lists common questions and solutions. New webmasters are encouraged to use the system as a crash course in learning the ropes of being a webmaster.


HostRocket combines top of the line computer hardware with a redundant network to provide a robust service. Each web server is also backed by not one, but redundant power backups, so no mere power outage will keep visitors from your site. The layers of redundancy that HostRocket has put in place are the key factor in providing amazing uptime across their network.

User Reviews of HostRocket

40sixty's Review - From: Jul. 1st, 2007

So, I been using host rocket for about 1 1/2 years (my partner setup the account like 5 years ago lol).

Anyways, back to review.

Uptime? Solid 99.8% according to host tracker (couldn't check this month as I moved one of my main domains from them)

Bandwidth/Space? I use about 4 gigs and 200 gigabytes of bandwidth a month.
They offer 25 gigs and unmetered bandwidth.

Support? Last ticket I sent, it got answered in like 5 minutes.
Ya..I'm still amazed at that too. I only had to sent in 1 ticket the past year, so I don't know if I just got lucky or what (I think I got lucky lol)

Price? We just pay yearly, around $140 per year. Too cheap!

Now for the real shocker.
Remember, this is shared hosting

Ya, I got a note from them when I got to 10 million and I'm moving soon to a dedicated soon.
(usually it hovers around 5 - 7 m...

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40sixty's Review - From: Jan. 3rd, 2007

Hey guys, I been using Hostrocket for about an year now and Here's my review.

The plan I'm on.
I'm on thier 5 gigs and unmtered bandwith plan (they call it freedom bandwith).
I'm currently using about 3 gig's and in december I used around 500 gig's of bandwith last month. ($150 Yearly)

None of my users complained about any slowtime and it's very fast everytime I check it.

what I host.
an IPB 2.2 forum, a website, a very large file.

I rarley deal with support (that's a definite good thing).
But the only times I dealt with them, My question got answered in 24 hours which IMO, is very good for what I am paying.

I never noticed any huge downtime.
I started to do a check using uptime-tracker couple of months ago.
and so far, I have about 6 minutes of downtime during those months. Fantastic!

Control panel:
They are using cPanel wi...

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40sixty's Review - From: Aug. 4th, 2006

Hey guys and gals. Well this is my review for
I been using it for couple of months.

I don't want to make the domain public, so anyway I can PM a mod or something then he/she can verify I do indeed host with them?

So anyways, heres the review.
I been using them for couple of months now.

Uptime: Never noticed any downtime, (I don't use any ya, this is based on my own eyes).

Support: Didnt really need help with anything except a domain issue, and I belive that took couple of days (bah..oh well).

5 gigs of space
freedom bandwith (ya...)

Some other stuff:
They use cPanel, and its pretty good I guess.
Not much issues.
Usually super fast downloads.

Only bad thing I experienced was changing domains.
Apperntly, it costs $20+ to change the domain in your main account, which is not cool at all. But I belive they of...

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Tee's Review - From: Feb. 8th, 2004

Ive been with HostRocket for awhile now, and ide like to comment it has been the best hosting experience ever, no downtime and no problems what-so-ever.

Its amazing how they can continue to offer such great hosting / support for the price they do it at, Truely great service

Go host rocket!

tanger's Review - From: Dec. 19th, 2001

I've been with HostRocket for probably around 7 months so far.

And lately there support stinks. (In my opinion)

If you goto my site

It will foward to and therefore leading me to a 404 page.

I asked them to fix this a month ago and they still haven't gotten to it. When I bring it up to them they just reply back saying "Oh, we are looking into this problem"

I figuring since its not the index.html of my page having a foward script,then it might be with the setup or .htaccess.

Can this be that hard to fix??? I mean a month time of fixing this problem?

Also, I mass-emailed my visitors a announcement and they suspended my account. I said I didn't know about this and Agreed with them to not to mass-email again. Now if you check out my site, it is forbidden and they suspended it. They did not te...

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