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johnl380's Review - From: Dec. 10th, 2008

ok i would like to share my review on godaddy webhosting. i have a few domains at godaddy, so i decided to try out the webhosting.

i used godaddy unlimited hosting plan for three months and i can tell you this, stay away from godaddy webhosting. not that much downtime but the pages load so slow! sometime it will not even load, horrible support on these issues. godaddy support dont know how to respond back and place you on hold until they speak to someone else.

godaddy hosting sucks but there domain registration is ok.

im currently trying namecheap,, and hosting. as i have domains at each of those places.

hopefully there hosting is not like

subigo's Review - From: Jan. 3rd, 2008

After almost 3 years of having my sites hosted on GoDaddy, I figured I would make a post. I posted 2 years ago about them and I still have positive things to say (see my old GoDaddy post here).

For starters... right now I have 2 sites hosted with them, both on shared plans ($3.99/month each). The sites are:

Uptime: Let me point out the fact that I make my living on-line. All of my money is made through and I wouldn't put up with downtime. I have never noticed any downtime in the 2+ years of service. Hard to believe, yes... but it's a fact.

Speed: Check it for yourself. My sites are always very fast.

Support: Personally, I rarely call support. In 2+ years I have maybe called 3 times. On those times I did need support, my call was answered in under 5 minutes and the tech support agent knew enough to answer my question.

The Control Panel: Go...

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rockinyp's Review - From: May. 31st, 2007

Length of service: One year

Account: Shared hosting, Deluxe and Premium

My usage: Over 1 GB disk space used, 30 GB data transfer each month, 16,000 visitors each month.

1. My wait time to talk with someone from customer service or tech support was never longer than a few minutes.
2. I like their web-based email.
3. Seems to be an okay host for static HTML content.
4. Okay as a domain registrar.

1. They way oversell their servers.
2. Their tech support guys make up a lot of B.S. that half the time doesn't seem to make sense or even seem relevant to the problem.
3. Their account control panel is unique to only them and will take some trips to the knowledge base to learn how to use.
4. Database queries take FOREVER! I can't stand using my own Wordpress site.
5. Email support is useless. They basically copy and paste their site's FAQs back to you.
6. They limit the simu...

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gpl24's Review - From: May. 4th, 2007

I'm posting this here because I lurk this forum occasionally, and I see a lot of "How is Godaddy's hosting" topics....

1) Prior to transferring my site to them a year ago, I phoned their customer support to ensure I was able to use htaccess and apache handlers with their Linux shared hosting plan. I had to be directed to 3 different people before the "tech support" understood my question fully. The guy I ended up with in the end was quite friendly and seemed to be on the same page as me, as he answered all of my questions.
This has proved to be a rare occasion..

2) I use mod_rewrite extensively. About 3 months into my hosting my site mysteriously began throwing 404 errors. I didn't recall touching a thing! So I phoned their "tech support" and explained my problem, in great detail. A half hour into the conversation, the personnel still hadn't the slightest clue as to what I was asking. Ridiculous. So upon digging through my ...

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