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serega's Review - From: Jan. 12th, 2008

Just wanted to share with everyone an unpleasant experience with Dot5Hosting. I have been with them for 6 months and they have been an OK average type of a host. My perl scripts (tested for years on other servers) stopped working after I moved my site to them, and they could not help with that, and I had to replace them with corresponding php scripts. Then last week suddenly their tech support essentially stops taking phone calls (they just put you on endless hold), their online chatter also puts you on endless hold, and simultaneously their is a new problem with my site. After 8 days (!), I finally get through to them after an endless wait, and instead of helping they start telling me that they are introducing a new security measure and unless I add a security question to my account they are not even going to look at what my problems have been for all these 8 days. No apologies, no apparent concerns, no appearance of care on their side. This is very fru...

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jackalxii's Review - From: Apr. 19th, 2007

So I get on my computer today. I got to check out my website
I can't post url because of The forums restrictions

www ghs-zombiemod com

Seems I got suspended for sending out warez emails?

Live chat Script to Dot5Hosting! An online representative will be with you shortly. You are number 1 in the queue. Your wait time will be approximately 0 minute(s) and 14 seconds. Thank you for waiting. are now chatting with 'Kevin'
Kevin: Thank you for contacting Dot5Hosting Live Chat. How may I assist you today?
Jordan: Yah, my account got suspended.
Kevin: Please forward me your Domain name
Jordan: www ghs-zombiemod com
Jordan: But
Jordan: I want to see proof that it was warez
Jordan: We have gone through your issue and found that your website was causing load on the server. Your account has bee...

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mikexx2020's Review - From: Mar. 17th, 2007

I have been with dot5hosting (hosting? HA) for about 6 months. I was never really bothered about the price because it was just a site where I can store things (eg backups of other work). Today I see that the mysql is down - AGAIN. THis is the 3rd time in about 1 month.

So I go onto their site and into the live chat (which isnt actually done by dot5hosting, its some other company).

The chat log says it all....

Quote: Eric: yeah we are having some misconfiguration problem on this server
Eric: because of which you are facing such problem
Eric: within next 4-5 hrs it will get fixed ...
-: 5 HOURS????????
Eric: Yeah.. this is the big config problem with mysql
Eric: so that it will take time
Eric: Please assist us with this regards
-: i have had this problem many times now
Eric: I am accepting this .. but actually current issue occoure because one client was trying to load a large datab...

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EnishiSG's Review - From: Dec. 20th, 2006

I recently cancelled my hosting plan with dot5hosting after staying with them for three or four months. I highly advise you to stay away from this host. Of course, you may have a different experience with them but in general their service is rather bad. I've read countless hosting reviews claiming that dot5 has the best deal, and that's true in many ways. If you don't care much about service and reliability, then this is the host for you. I don't want to spend too much time on this. I just want to let people know about dot5 so they don't make any mistakes. Here are some pros and cons:

The Good
- Very nice deals (lots of features, cheap), check website for more information
- 90 day money back guarantee, and they give back money pretty fast because this is where they can get sued
- friendly service
- usually fast loading times
- many other features, check site

The Bad
- The first few days were horrible for me...

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