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BlueHost was founded in 1996, giving them more than a decade of experience in the shared hosting industry. With all this experience you can be sure they know how to get newbies up and running their website quick and painlessly. BlueHost prides itself on having the highest quality customer service paired with maximum performance and uptime.


It goes without saying that one of the oldest host in the industry has a 24/7 support hotline waiting to assist you if you have any issues that arise. Also, being one of the first hosts allowed them to steal a cool phone number: 1 888-401-HOST.Besides that, the great thing about BlueHost's help system is their support center.

In the center you get to see the most common problems people have and they also rank them by which are the most popular. This feature will save newbies hours of time by being able to just visit the support center and have all their questions answered, sometimes before they knew they even had them!


Client's at Blue Host can rest well knowing that that each and ever server at Blue Host is running new Quad Core processors coupled with 24/7 monitoring. The proactive monitoring at Blue Host is what makes their servers so stable. For those who are running web scripts, Blue Host is ahead of the curve with support for both PHP 5 and MySQL 5.

Rich Webmaster Features

Blue Host has recently upgraded all plans with Unlimited Domains. Instead of having to pay for a separate hosting account for each domain, if you choose Blue Host you can save hundreds of dollars by putting all of the domains on one Blue Host account. Each account also comes with 2,500 spam protected POP3 and IMAP email accounts so you can create as many customized email accounts as you need.

Ruby on Rails, Frontpage 2000, 2002, and 2003 extensions are supported as well as Sever Side Includes. Webmasters can access their website's files via an online file manageer, FTP (normal) and SSH (secure).

Site Builder

Their site builder allows you to drag and drop elements to quickly create a website for webmasters on the go. The tool is referred to as "Site Wizard" and will save you time and money.

User Reviews of Blue Host

Amman-DJ's Review - From: Apr. 22nd, 2007


I startd my site before 2 years hosted by Yahoo! , but unfortunatly .
i was searching for good host and reliable , i found BH , and the following is the rates i gave to BH.

prices: 810
Support: 1010

Actually the uptime was good but they have a big problem with CPU things
everyday my site get suspended and the reason is ( CPU Quota )
and if the CPU was Ok and there's not too many people using it i get an error 500
and when i ask why they say u have alot of traffic on The file sharing script
and to say the truth that was my fault i had alot visitors and i was using about 12Gigs the Day . So i decided to go Advance
i found HostforWeb to give me a VPS . and i'll write a review about them soon .

anyway i want to thank some guys of BH support :

Shaun G

i dont remember the rest

And i have a...

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nothingleft's Review - From: Oct. 22nd, 2006

I switched to Bluehost last year, after a few years at Readyhosting.

Bluehost was great, fast site, lots of features and quick customer service....

Recently Bluehost has developed some issues. They installed a new piece of hardware, I don't remember what it was, but that's when the problems began. I am only going to speak from my own experience. Soon after that, my website started getting really slow(about 25% of the time). I started looking around, others seemed to be having problems as well, but it seems Bluehost always had a public solution for them...You need to buy more CPU was the common one.

For me, it was a probelm with sendmail, which would prevent my shopping cart from working, as well as effect the forum. I contacted bluehost, and was told, that I was "probably" over my hourly email limit, which I didn't think I was close to. So I paid more to have the limit raised, and the...

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LeeU's Review - From: Mar. 27th, 2006

Some of you might remember me from a few weeks ago. I want to thank everyone for their help.

I finally decided to go with BlueHost for a few reasons:
I could get my e-mails increased from 200 to 500/per hour very easy (for mailing lists)The response to questions I had prior to signing-up was tremendous. They were very quick and efficient.The storage size and being able to host audio/videos was a plus alsoAfter signing-up with them, the customer service continued on a very high level. I asked several questions and an answer was received to all of them within 15-20 mins., usually within a few minutes. A few times I had to call and the wait time was about 10 seconds. A few times, I got right through.

As of April 3, they will be offering 24/7 support. And all of the techs are located at the hosting company in Utah!

So far, they have been great and very helpful. I'll write an update in six months.

Thank care!

caimakale's Review - From: Feb. 25th, 2006

I have been with bluehost for almost a year. When I first signed up, service was great, they even called me about my site to tell me everything was setup and working fine even though I knew that because I had already begun building it.

For the better part of the year, I had very few problems with them. Page loads were good, server's were fast, generally it was very good. My site is a very small family site. The most users I have ever had on at one time is 9. It usually only has one or two people though at a time.

Recently however, the problems have been mounting.

My first major problem had to do with downtime and some poor management on their end. Here is my support ticket to them:
Quote: I am wondering what is going on with right now. I could not access or *****.com yesterday. It had nothing to do with my dns or computer as I tried several browsers from...

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hthite's Review - From: Jan. 14th, 2006

I have been with BlueHost for about a month now, and while going through the other posts on this forum, found that they are pretty lax about the support. But my experience says otherwise.

I wanted a basic web-host, my current clients do not need server-side stuff, and so the low rates of Bluehost perfectly suited me. Hence the choice.

Anyway, I have asked about four support questions till date, and all of them have been responded to pretty fast. In fact, one of my clients decided to cancel their web expansion plans and I had to cancel one of my accounts with Bluehost, and they did it instantly. This was on a saturday, so I don't know if the claim that they don't have support on weekends has a point any more.

As regards to the actual server performance, I have had no real issues. The site has been up and running smoothly since day one. And while I repeat, that I am not using any server side stuff...

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malenski's Review - From: Nov. 21st, 2005

I want to share my first impressions of with everyone.

Background: I lost all the data for my site ( during a hard drive failure at The hard drive combined with them misconfiguring their raid system equals me starting from scratch. The only good thing is it made it very easy to break contact with

All times are EST.

20Nov05 - 6:48pm - I submitted a sales question through their support system. They do not mention a refund policy on they main site but it is mentioned in their help docs.

21Nov05 - 8:22am - They responded. They do have 30-Day Full refund policy. After 30-days its pro-rated.

21Nov05 - 8:43am - I signed up through their website. I was immediately able to login to my control panel.

21Nov05 - 8:50am - I called their customer support. I was 2nd inline and waited about 3 minutes. I needed their fax number and they don't have it on their contact us page.
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nsumner's Review - From: Mar. 3rd, 2005

A while ago I went searching for a new host (I had been with Lunar pages). I needed to host 3 different domains so I was looking for a host that allowed at least 3 domains in the basic cost.

I finally found, the price seemed good etc etc. So I decided to sign up with them.

Firstly: A minor complaint but a really stupid system on their part. You can't create a add-on domain until you configure the nameservers for that domain to point to bluehost. This means that if you are transferrring a domain from an old host you can not have everything set up before you actually change the NS. I suspect you could call and bypass this however.

I have found the website to be reliable, and e-mail to be reliable. More reliable then lunarpages (where on a weekly basis I would have to reactive my yahoogroups e-mail address because it would bounce).

The only "problem" I had was intresting. They require every account to be ...

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