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adam2003w's Review - From: www.webhostingtalk.com Feb. 14th, 2008

Hello This is a 1 month review of 1and1.com (1&1)...

So far so good. Their plan is reasonable. Their phone support is good (and it's in the Philippines). Their control panel is easy to use and has many features.

I only had one issue with an .htaccess mod rewrite and their support got back to me with a fix that worked well.

We are hosting our main company site there ( http://www.paradigmprint.com ) before we try out any clients there.

I know people have reported problems with 1and1.com (1&1), but for me... so far so good.

mishapuppy's Review - From: www.webhostingtalk.com Dec. 11th, 2007

For so many reasons I cannot possibly list here...

DO NOT choose 1and1. A summary of complaints:
1. Inadequate technical support. Their knowledge does not go beyond using the web access control panels.
2. Outages. Our web site was down several times. No one knew why, no one ever responded to my requests for further information.
3. Exchange so slow it is unusable. There is no point using them for exchange. The connection is so poor you won't be able to use it.

There are MANY MORE REASONS, but I am so fed up with their service that I can't even think about it anymore...

It is also a nightmare switching things from them...

GezGas's Review - From: www.webhostingtalk.com Nov. 21st, 2007

Well just decided to lay out a certain thing that happened to me when i decided to become a customer of 1and1 Shared Hosting.

First of all, i bought a domain on it it was cheap and everything worked out fine, then i was in a mood to become a customer at their Shared Hosting service. had some questions earlier which was if they supported Telnet on Home Linux package (since i need it to upload big forum databases) Their answer was "About your concern, telnet is support on our Linux home package."

After that answer i decided to go with it. once i bought the package for 6 months, payed around 30 dollar. i asked for access information for telnet, which their support suddenly responded that they didn't offer Telnet on Linux Home. After that i decided to leave 1and1 and ask for the 90 day refund also cancel the package, went to their cancel site, and canceled the Home Linux Package and turned off the Auto Renewal plus set the cancel ...

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Glexia's Review - From: www.webhostingtalk.com May. 6th, 2006

I recently bought an account from 1and1.com to test them out and see how they are for the money.

Good: Quick setup, good pricing for the features.
1) Cannot upload any files > 1gb in size. The remote server always closes the connection once you get around 950mb file size. I tried multiple times from my dedicated server.
2) Support - Long waits. I sent in an email and it took 5 days to get a response for a simple .htaccess problem.
3) Phone Hang-ups - If you call and say "I don't like the hosting" or "this hosting is bad" you will get hung up on.
4) Control panel lacks features, very cumbersome
5) Downtime - My site was down for around 30 min each day, checked at 2min intervals...

I'm going to ask for my money back and I'll post a reply here letting you know how that goes .

Saintlink's Review - From: www.webhostingtalk.com Sep. 15th, 2005

Hi everyone! I found this forum while browsing for potential reseller partnerships (another great forum I've found through Google), but thought it would be worth it to share a little story about a previous experience with a company called 1and1.

Ok folks, please bear with the length of this review, just know that instead of just saying "1and1 rocks" or "1and1 sucks" it seems that a meticulous review is in order. Grab your coffee and read on at your leisure.

Lured by their affordable $5.99 domain registrations I recently purchased about twenty or so domains through these people. After reviewing my account profile I've noticed they'll split up all of the various domains within different "packages" which means several unneeded layers of menus/clicking. With fairly high spirits for a Friday afternoon the 800 # to tech support is dialed and the nightmare begins.

Calling their tech "support" line is a nightmare of untold proportion...

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bbqchips's Review - From: www.webhostingtalk.com Aug. 20th, 2005

I started with their free 6 month trial of business hosting, but have since switched to their paid plan.

Speed is good, uptime is good, and surprisingly when I telephoned tech support once when my website got hacked (never use http://e107.org/ as a CMS), they helped as much as they could. Even more surprising is that their website said they didn't offer telephone support for the free account

The websites I have with them:
http://www.planetsoldat.com - http://www.whois.sc/planetsoldat.com
Game related website, re-launched since it got hacked

I just use this for e-mail and putting up stuff for friends

http://www.stdavidsunitedchurch.com/ - http://www.whois.sc/stdavidsunitedchurch.com
Website for my church

And the website in my sig, a PHP forum I scripted.

The only problem would be the 100MB MySQL limit, I guess wh...

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ScionStatic(Stevo)'s Review - From: www.webhostingtalk.com Feb. 26th, 2005


I have hosted a few of my sites and friends with 1and1 for the past 2 years. The first 1 1/2 years with them i was on their free "3 Year Promo plan", and for the past half year on their linux business plan.

1.) From what others and i have seen - i havent expireinced any noticeable downtime at all, not even slow loading site at that.
2.) FTP was only down once when i have tried to login - an hour later it was back.
3.) 3 Free Domains - I really liked that part (though im having some concerns - as stated later on)
4.) Phone support is nice and fast - never spent more then 3 minutes on hold - helped me with my needs right away.

1.) Email support is a joke - A simple question took a week to reply - and no reply of an email i sent yesterday. Support is a plus by phone only.
2.) Trying to point domains to another nameserver - cant be done on their CP as ...

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Sparkey's Review - From: www.webhostingtalk.com Jul. 7th, 2004

Hello all, I figured I would tell you all about my experience with 1and1 internet...

After 16 months with a hosting company that literally ran their server out of a basement, I decided that the members of my forum deserved better service than they were getting...so I shopped around, a lot.

I came across an ad for 1and1 internet, and the offer of 5 free domain names with the purchase of a developer's package sucked me right in...

The first month was great, never had any trouble...at the time, I was using phpbb, but after a month, a hacker got into the admincp of my forum and tore it to pieces.

So, I went a month without a forum...slowly rebuilding it, this time with vBulletin. At the end of the 2nd month, I launched version 2 of my forums...and thats where things went to hell. Everyday, without fail, the server would slow down so much that no one could use it for hours....

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